The innovative C-Smart Home system combines protection against burglary, fire, water damage and smart home functionalities. During the development, we have put a lot of effort to create comfort to ensure that you can install all components with a few simple steps. That is why you can expand your system at any time and adapt it to your new living environment.

C-Smart Hub

The C-SMART HUB 3500 forms the heart of your system. All sensors can be connected to this hub in no time or in other words with just a simple push of a button. You only have to scan the QR code that you find on the back of each sensor with your smartphone. The C-Smart component – whether it is a motion detector, a door contact or a smoke detector – is then immediately registered and ready to use. It couldn’t be easier and faster! The range of the sensors is a maximum of 300 meters depending on the obstacles.

C-Smart App

Alway and everywhere connected to your home

With the free C-SMART app you manage all devices in and around the house.

Free App

Available for IOS and ANDROID for download in Appstore and Playstore

Free Updates


We keep the system up to date for you with free updates and extensions.

“No subscription costs or other additional costs”

C-SMART Home system

How does the C-Smart Home Systeem work

When an uninvited guest tries to penetrate your house, smoke is detected or a window opens, the C-Smart 3500 will inform you about this with a push message on your smartphone within a few seconds and at the same time the alarm signal of 100 decibels is activated . The built-in rechargeable battery ensures that you will receive a notification via SMS even in the event of a power failure, for which you must use a SIM card in the device. To use the system you need an internet connection and for backup a sim card. You can connect in 3 ways. Via LAN, WLAN or GSM (SIM card). In addition, the C-Smart 3500 is protected against jamming. C-Smart 3500 for a safe home !!

CABLE (recommended)

Connecting the HUB3500 with the network cable to your router is recommended. This creates the most stable configuration. When the HUB3500 is connected with the cable, WIFI is deactivated. Network via cable is faster and more stable than WIFI.

WIFI 2.4Ghz

You can connect the HUB3500 to your Wi-Fi network. This is only possible with a 2.4 GHz network, the most used Wi-Fi network frequency. Be aware that you place the HUB3500 in a place where the Wi-Fi signal is received well and stably.


Remove the SIM PIN CODE and place the card in the HUB3500 card slot. Pay attention when you use a prepaid card that has sufficient funds on it. The HUB3500 uses the GSM network as a backup and sends you an SMS when needed. Activating data on the card is not necessary.