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C-Smart Siren 3140 – Siren

The C-Smart SIREN-3140 siren is the ideal deterrent against burglars. This siren can be mounted both indoors and outdoors and makes a sound as loud as a Jackhammer. When you install this siren outdoors, you immediately benefit from an additional visual deterrent against potential burglars who can see the alarm and will avoid it.

C-Smart Smoke-3030 – Smoke detector

In case of a residential fire, an early warning is required to escape from the premises. A smoke detector is already mandatory in many areas. A standard smoke detector provides early warning of fire to people in the house, but what happens when the house is empty? Raising the alarm early can significantly reduce the potential damage caused by fire. The Smoke 3030 smoke detector from C-Smart notifies the household when smoke is detected with a loud alarm of 85 decibels and also sends a notification to the user’s smartphone immediately. This ensures that users are notified of possible fires, even when they are not in the building.